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Fascinating analog photography .

We had that sole moment &  if we missed it for a technical reason , it was missed forever . Sometimes that mistake became art . Not possible to recreate . Have photographs lost their value since we moved to digital ? Yes and no . More than ever we communicate with images . But in our fast world , they’ve become so disposable .

Shared moments of looking through photographs add to life more memories & laughs , remembering what can eventually fade away. Precious photo albums enable for future generations to see & go into a different world , just as when I went through my grandparents’ albums .

” –  Who was who ?  What was the story ?  What kind of  music was playing on that party ? Why do the lady in the corner look sad while others are all smiling ?  What happened to her just before the photo was taken…. ? ” The cars were cool , people so stylish & those hairstyles had me laughing over & over again . Soon enough I came up with stories and poems inspired by life from that time before mine .

Imagination is for flowing . Images for transforming the ephemeral into eternal , writing for reading & reading to jumpstart our visual imaginative world . Drawing is , as for all of the above ; expressions , while they all somehow can be included in the same one word ; impressions .

” – The art world is a pretty cool world . So don’t hesitate ,  just create ! ”

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