Helena Ahonen born in 1975 in Eskilstuna , Sweden.

Introduced to photography at an early age by her father.  Fascinated by his beautiful Nikon and the technics he promised to teach her once she would be old enough, a true passion was born for images and cameras.

Being a fashion model throughout her 20’s , she got to experience and learn a lot about photography directly by many great photographers around the world . The preference for photographing people showing them naturally was born rebelliously out of how the fashion industry continuously transformed herself into something very unnatural  .

Her images encompasses reportage, fine art, landscape, abstracts, portraits,  poetry, still life, illustrations and graphic design .

Known for her uniquely spontaneous reportage style,  you find her also often memorialising wedding days of many couples from all continents.

Events and weddings presentation :
Présentation d’événementiels et mariages :
Evenemangs och bröllops presentation :